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Only fill in this form if you wish to hire a vehicle from us. This form is NOT for obtaining a quote. Check Prices

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In considering your application we will search your records at a credit reference agency. We will use a credit scoring system when assessing your application. Details of our search will be added to your records and this will be seen by other organisations that wish to complete future searches. If false or in accurate information is provided and fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies. Law enforcement agencies may access and use this information.
Once we have received your details and completed a credit check, we will contact you to confirm the details of your requested vehicle. We will then take £150.00 refundable deposit and £45.00 administration fee from you.

PLEASE NOTE: We only use your bank details to process a credit check. We are unable to take any payments.

Data Protection Notice 1998
The information you have provided on this form will be disclosed to lenders for the purpose of considering this credit application. Lenders may use this information to carry out searches with reference agencies. A record of these searches will be kept and may be used by other lenders in accessing applications from you and members of your household for credit in the future. Lenders will crosscheck this information with other lenders to prevent fraud and may use this information for statistical and marketing purposes. The deposit bond of £150.00 is only refundable after you have returned your contract hire vehicle in a satisfactory condition. Cancellation of contract prior to collection/delivery of vehicle will result in the forfeit of the £150.00 deposit bond and £45.00 administration fee.

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