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New Year, New Car

With the arrival of the new year, thoughts often turn to upgrading your car for a fresh start to the year. With large price increases from car manufacturers' since brexit due to the weaknened pound together with increased costs for road fund license from 1st April, we recommend that you order your next car sooner rather than later to help avoid the extra cost! A new car could even save you money if you are running an older less economic car.


Modern cars have better fuel economy and better reliability; car manufacturers have been concentrating on building more efficient cars. The introduction of lighter materials, more aerodynamic shapes, low rolling resistance tires and stop-start systems, means that it’s possible to get 80-90+ mpg figures out of both manual and automatic cars alike, even for tuition.

CA Cars understands that fuel economy is as important as the price of your next driving school vehicle (whether contract or purchase). Choosing a slightly cheaper vehicle with considerably less fuel efficiency could be false economy. Whilst in our industry it is unlikely to get the manufacturers quoted MPG due to learners driving the vehicle for a majority of the day and the stop-start nature of our business, it is often a good place to start to compare relative fuel efficiency.

Comparing the MPG for CA Cars' most popular vehicles:

Great fuel economy combined with buying fuel at the cheaper retailers in your area, can add up to huge savings. To find the cheapest fuel in your area, you can use websites such as

Contract hire starts for new fuel efficient vehicles start from as little as £56.99+VAT on a fully maintained contract from CA Cars.

We offer new cars, available with £1000's off the manufacturers' list price. view our new car sales prices.

Alternatively, you can purchase one of our ex-contract vehicles from £4995 with deposits from £99. View our used car stocklist.


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