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Driving Tips - Fog

Driving in fog can be dangerous for new and experienced drivers alike, as it greatly reduces visibility and has the greater potential to cause accidents.

Here are our top tips for driving in fog, to share with your pupils!

  • Always avoid travelling if possible. Don’t take unnecessary journeys where your safety will be put at risk.

  • If you do need to travel, drive cautiously and with dipped headlights. Full-beam lights reflect off the fog and can dazzle other motorists. Also monitor your speed as fog can give you the impression that you are driving slower than you are.

  • Use fog lights, but remember to turn them off when the visibliy has improved.

  • Be wary of freezing fog which is fog that has fallen onto the road and has frozen, causing a layer of ice that can be very dangerous.

Do you have any other helpful tips to share?

Tell us in the comments section below!


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