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Local councils make record highs from motorist penalty charge notices!

Councils make an extra £60m from parking charges and fines!


The amount of money councils in England generated from parking charges and fines has risen by more than £60m in the past year, research has found.

The RAC Foundation said local authorities made a surplus of £756m in 2015/16 - 9% higher than in 2014/15. Director Steve Gooding said the "eye-wateringly large" number reflects the rising struggle for parking spaces. The Local Government Association reiterated that councils did not make a profit from parking.

Mr Gooding said: "Parking charges are one of the tools councils use to keep traffic moving whilst also allowing people reasonable and affordable access to High Street shops and other facilities.”

The largest surpluses came from London, with the 33 local authorities making up 44% of the country's total. The biggest figure amounted outside of London was the £20.1m surplus in Brighton and Hove, followed by Nottingham's £13.6m.

Transport spokeswoman Judith Blake added: "Income from on-street parking charges is spent on running parking services, and surpluses are spent on essential transport projects, such as tackling the £12bn roads repair backlog, creating new parking spaces and providing subsidised bus travel for children or elderly residents."

The good news is that any profit made by councils from on-street parking must, by law, be invested in transport-related activities, and as every motorist knows there's no shortage of work that needs doing.

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