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£10 London ‘Toxicity Charge' to be introduced for Pre-2006 Vehicles in October!

Sadiq Khan has confirmed that he will be implementing a £10 ‘Toxicity Charge’ in central London on October 23.


The ‘Toxicity Charge’ is aimed at the highest polluting vehicles in the capital, in a bid to clean the city’s air quality. The Mayor of London has also launched a new online vehicle checker, which allows drivers to see if they will be affected by the ‘T-Charge’.

Cars that fail to meet pre-Euro 4 standards are those that will be charged, mainly petrol and diesel vehicles registered before 2006.

Up to 10,000 vehicles are set to be included in the measure, which will have the same operating times as the current congestion charge. It will cost £21.50 to drive pre-Euro 4 vehicles in the zone, with the Toxicity Charge coming in on top of the congestion charge.

Children growing up with lung problems has been cited as one of the main reasons for the new charge. The new charge means that London will have the toughest emission standard of any major city.

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