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Citroen’s ConnectedCAM: Your own in-car dash-cam!

The ConnectedCAM Citroen enables you to record video and take images from your car at the touch of a button, and share to social media or send by email, quickly and easily.  


The on-board camera located on the back of the rear-view mirror (pictured above), enables you to take images and record videos effortlessly. A single click of the camera button takes an image, with a long press taking a short video.

Using the camera is made easy with the ConnectedCAM app. All you need to do is have a compatible phone and download the app from the app store. After that you connect the camera by pairing your phone via WIFI.

The ConnectedCam app has a range of features as below.

If an accident occurs, ConnectedCAM is automatically activated and records and saves the footage 30 seconds before and 1 minute after the incident. This gives you easy evidence for an insurance claim for example.

Available in the C3 Flair upwards

What do you think to the ConnectedCAM Citroen? Would you use it if this feature was in your own car?

Tell us in the comments section below!


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