CA Cars - Supplying the Peugeot e-208

Peugeot have released their new 208, with that an comes an all electric version - the e-208

Gone are the days of Electric Vehicles with low range and slow charging, with the new e-208 comes an all modern, exciting, practical EV that looks just like the standard 208.

The e-208 boasts 217 miles of silent electric power, more than the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and the Renault Zoe. Not only this but it can be charged up to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes!

At CA we currently offer the GT of e-208 as a dual controlled car, this is the top of the range version which means its packed full of tech. It features auto air conditioning, Peugeot 3d i-cockpit 10in touch screen, active safety brake, reversing camera, adaptive cruise control and much more.

On our dual controlled vehicle contracts you can have the e-208 from £579 per month and purchase this car for just £25,899, 25% off the RRP!

For more information call us on 0116 284 9067 or check out our tariff page for full contract pricing and then our new cars page for purchase pricing.