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Hire Purchase


Hire purchase is one of the simplest forms of personal finance.


The cost of the new car is broken down into a deposit and a series of monthly payments, plus interest. Once you’ve paid the final installment, the car will be yours to keep or sell on.

Hire Purchase is no dependent on mileage limits and terms can range from 1 year to 5 years.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

PCP finance splits a percentage of a car’s price into monthly payments and a deposit.


You’ll replay this amount over a set period after which you can either return the car to a dealer or buy it outright in return for a large optional final payment.

PCP does have mileage limits, however it does come with smaller monthly payments

A fully customisable payment plan that's tailored to suit you. Use our bulk buying discount to purchase your next vehicle with huge reductions.

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Example of Finance Deal


     PCP: Nissan Note 1.2 Acenta - 5dr


Cash Price:                      £9,499                        Deposit:                                          £99
Balance of Finance:         £9,400                        36 Monthly Payments of:         £214.81
APR:                                    6.4%                       Annual Mileage:                         20,000
Total Repayable:         £10,692.16                     Guaranteed Future Value:         £2,860