Before you do this however, you need to:
  1. Check you’re eligible to be an instructor
    • You will need to be over 21
    • Have held a license for over 3 years
    • Have no more than 5 penalty points on your license
    • Automatic license holders can only become approved to teach in automatic vehicles, manual license holders are able to teach both
  2. Apply to become a driving instructor with a DBS Check
  3. TAKE THE PART 1 Theory Test (i.e. PC based multiple choice/hazard perception similar to the L-test)
  4. TAKE THE PART 2 Driving Test (i.e. watching you drive to a good standard similar to the L-test)
  5. Practice teaching Once you pass the Part 2 you can can start to earn money by joining a driving school or becoming sponsored by an ADI as a trainee instructor to get the necessary practical experience essential to passing Part 3. Your PDI license lasts for a 6 month period (But can usually be renewed)
  6. TAKE THE PART 3 Instructional Ability Test (i.e. watching you deliver a driving lesson)
  7. Register and start working as a fully qualified instructor. You can either join a school or set up independently. You will have one standards check at least once every 4 years, and will need to renew your registration and DBS check every 4 years.

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