Before the day

Check your vehicle over at home, you may wish to ask a friend/family member to go over the car so they can additionally point out any blemishes, dents or scratches. If preferable, get them fixed whilst the car is still in your care or call us beforehand for a quote. Our prices are static and do not change per panel so if you can explain the damage, we'll gladly tell you the worst case scenario price. If we touch in the damage, or do a smart repair, we will always do our upmost to keep costs down. So you know what we're looking for in more detail, here are our fair wear and tear guidelines.

Check the body

Look for any scratches, dents or imperfections. Ensure all the doors open & close smoothly, including the boot and bonnet.

Check windscreen

Look for any cracks or stone chips.

Check wheels

Inspect the alloy wheels for any scuffs or kerb damage. Have a look at the wheels for any cuts in the tyres. Ensure the wheel nuts are tight.

Inspect the interior

Check for any marks, stains or scuffs and make sure light fittings are stable. Ensure there are no rips or tears on the gear stick, seats and carpets.

Check extras

Ensure the locking wheel nut, handbook and service book are all in the vehicle (usually in the glovebox). Make sure either a tyre repair kit or spare wheel (depending on your agreement) are present and in good condition.

If you are returning the car yourself

Once you get to us, have a chat with the front desk to let us know you're here and take a seat in reception. As soon as one of our qualified vehicle appraisal technicians becomes available, they will come to meet you and take the keys before moving the vehicle into our workshop. Weather conditions permitting, they may complete the appraisal outside with you.

Our technicians have knowledge of the rules & guidelines and anything that falls outside of our fair wear and tear guidelines will be noted down (industry standard and governed by the BVRLA). Our technician will return to you once the appraisal is complete and let you know if any damages have been found. At this point, you are welcome to perform your own inspection of the vehicle and our technician will be happy to point out what has been uncovered.

Within six weeks, we will be in touch with the final invoice stating the damages and prices. We can offer a payment plan if this is more suitable.

If your vehicle is being collected (at our discretion)

On the day of the collection, a very basic appraisal will take place. In some cases, the driver will be dropping off your new car at the same time. The appraisal notes obvious damages, the mileage of the vehicle and the time in which your liability for PCN's and traffic violations end. Please be aware that the appraisal cannot be relied upon as a full & final description of the vehicle.

Once the driver has returned your vehicle to our premises, it may be securely stored for a few days if we have a large queue of others before it. Once the appraisal technician has performed a thorough checkover under ideal conditions, they will pass on the final appraisal form to our administration team. From here, the final invoice will be emailed to you within six weeks.

CA Cars opening hours

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Vehicle collection / returnMonday–Friday 10:00–16:00

Out-of-hours breakdown emergency contact number:

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