We will cover all service items including brakes, clutches, bulbs, wiper blades etc. We will not however, pay for any damages caused whilst you are contracting the vehicle.

If you have taken the car on a used car contract, it is highly likely we will have serviced the vehicle beforehand. Please check with the service book or the sticker placed in the front windscreen.

Remember it is your responsibility to ensure the car is serviced in line with the service intervals specified. Failure to maintain the vehicle will result in a charge being issued to you for invalidating the warranty.

You have a 500 mile window of tolerance on either side of your service interval. This means that if your vehicle is due at 10,000 miles, you must have this work completed by 10,500 miles on the clock. We are noticing a steep rise in cases of the manufacturers rejecting warranty claims due to servicing being done outside this window, and the cost of the repair work would then become yours to bear.

If your service is due within six weeks of your contract expiring and you wish to return the vehicle, please contact us for confirmation or Fleet Assist (0333 241 2600) for the service to be carried out.

Additional information is available for diesel engines, DPF filters and Adblue.

Service intervals

To find out service intervals for your vehicle, consult your manufacturer's handbook. If you have any queries, you can contact Fleet Assist on 0333 241 2600.

If your car requires work

You can book you car in online or by telephone for the following work:

  • Service/warranty
  • Work/replacements
  • Tyres/repairs
  • MOT


Call Fleet Assist on 0333 241 2600. You will be asked to choose from the following options:

  1. Breakdown
  2. Accidents/collisions
  3. Tyres
  4. Windscreen
  5. Service/MOT
  6. Other (will redirect to the CA Cars head office)

Phonelines are open 8:30am–5:30pm Monday–Friday

Their dedicated service team will confirm the work you require and a convenient date/time for the work to be completed. They will contact the agreed garage local to yourself and book the vehicle in on your behalf.


Alternatively, you can also use Fleets Assist’s online booking system at:

Once booked, they will confirm your details and appointment date with you by email.

On the day of your appointment, all authorisations will be completed through the 1-link system.

Please note pre-booked work can still be carried out at weekends.

Other suppliers


Use for service, tyres, brake pads and discs.

Please quote account number:

  • N5918U (Servicing)
  • P1505S (Tyres)

To locate your nearest centre, either –

Replacement tyres

Please contact Fleet Assist on 0333 241 2600 to book your car in.

  • We authorise tyre replacement at 2mm or under, with the legal limit being 1.6mm
  • Any replacement tyres will be budget tyres
  • CA Cars’ tyre policy states that only worn tyres will be authorised
  • Punctures or accidental damage replacements are not covered


For details of specific servicing and breakdown procedures for your make of car, please choose from the following list of manufacturers.

CA Cars opening hours

SalesMonday–Friday 09:00–18:00
AdministrationMonday–Friday 08:30–17:30
ServiceMonday–Friday 08.30–17.30
Vehicle collection / returnMonday–Friday 10:00–16:00

Out-of-hours breakdown emergency contact number:

0780 366 0051 → Option 1