Taking Delivery of your new car

To help you understand the delivery process, CA Cars have put together this guide to explain what to expect on the day.
Receiving your new car is an exciting day but can also feel daunting, so if you're wondering more, read our handy guide below.

Before the day.

Upon receiving your signed documentation and first rental (or if you're buying a vehicle and having it delivered - The signed finance documents and deposit) CA cars will be able to confirm your delivery date - this should be the date arranged with you already, but if not, we will get in touch to give you ample notice.

Before delivery we fit dual controls to the vehicle, alongside a roof protector and anything else you have arranged and the vehicle will go through a PDI (Pre-delivery inspection) to ensure it's mechanically sound and any body work issues are noted if it's a used vehicle.

Insuring your vehicle.

You will need to have arranged your insurance at least 2 days before the delivery of your vehicle and sent the cover-note to us.

For those of you that have not chosen our insurance package (lease customers only), you are responsible for arranging an appropriate policy for driving tuition. This must be fully comprehensive and the hirer should be the main policy holder on the insurance certificate*.

It is worth knowing that if you use price comparison websites to find insurance, the vehicle may not be recognised from it's registration as most new vehicles are not registered with the DVLA until the day of Delivery, this can also be the case when you go direct to your insurance company - so don't worry if they can't find the vehicle automatically, the make and model is in your contract documents and if you have any queries, just get in touch with us.

*This can be changed at Commercial Associates Ltd's discretion.

What to expect on the day of delivery

On the day of delivery your new vehicle will be delivered to your specified address - providing it is situated in the GB Mainland. For some locations in Scotlands, the Scottish Highlands and the Scottish Islands a delivery charge may occur and alternative arrangements made. Please speak to your account manager for further information.

For customers based in Northern Island, we usually arrange for you to collect from our premises in Belfast, but again, this may differ at our discretion.

Our delivery times are between 9am and 1pm and your driver will aim to call when they're an hour away, providing it is safe and convenient to do so.

When your vehicle arrives, the handover process begins.

Your driver will talk through the vehicle with you, and together you will perform an appraisal on the vehicle, noting mileage and any cosmetic damages among other things.

If you are having a car collected simultaneously, after accepting the new vehicle, the same will be performed on the collected vehicle.

But be aware, our drivers are not appraisal technicians and can not fully inspect the vehicle at your address. They will be able to note mileage and the time you are no longer responsible for your return vehicle, but you indemnify them against all damages incurred until the vehicle has reached us. In their collection of your vehicle, they act on your behalf until the vehicle is in our care.

Once returned to our office in Leicester, the vehicle will be inspected under proper conditions for damages. Anything discovered at this point will be payable by yourself.

Checking your vehicle.

We work hard to ensure the delivery of your vehicle goes as smoothly as possible, but it is important that you take your time to fully inspect the vehicle before signing the delivery note.

We advise you start by checking the registration number is the same as the one on your paperwork, and double check the specification of the vehicle is the same as what you ordered - this is the engine size, fuel type and trim level.

Then move on to the bodywork:

Check the body.

Look for any scratches, dents or imperfections.

Ensure all the doors open and close smoothly, including the boot and bonnet.

Ensure all doors are closed when locked.


Check Windscreen

Check for cracks or stone chips

Check Wheels

Inspect the alloys for any scuffs or kerb damage.

Inspect the wheels for any cuts in the tyre.

Inspect the wheel nuts to ensure they are tight.

Inspect the interior

Look for marks, stains or scuffs.

Check light fittings are stable and there are no rips or tears in the seats, carpets or gear stick.

Check Extras

Ensure the locking wheel nut, handbook and service book are all in the vehicle (usually the glovebox) and make sure either a tyre repair kit or spare wheel (depending on your agreement) are present and in good condition.

Check Airconditioning (if applicable) is in working order, along with control buttons and speakers.

Test the horn and wipers.

Test all lights are in working order.

Also check dual controls are functioning.

If you notice any damage on your delivered vehicle, please make sure you highlight this to the driver and note it on the delivery note.
We advise you also take photographs of any damages and provide them to Info@cacars.co.uk or your account manager at the earliest opportunity.

If you are unsure about anything that may arise during the handover, please call us on 01162849067 and talk to us as CA cars and/ or the supplying dealer can not be held responsible for any issues noted after this point.

Please note, most manufactures do not offer car mats as standard, so unless these are included in the specification, they may not be provided in the vehicle.

Delivery Mileage.

Your vehicle will likely be delivered in a driven condition. We can arrange transported delivery but this may incur an extra cost. Mileage incurred on this journey will count towards your agreed mileage allowance, however the return mileage should we collect the vehicle from you at the end of contract, will not.

Signing for your vehicle.

If you are happy with the vehicle, the driver will ask you to sign a delivery note. This may be paper or electronic.

As previously stated, it's important you note any damage or scratches on this note as we cannot be held responsible for any issues raised after this point.

Once your delivery note is all signed and the car is yours, take it out for a spin!